civilian defense group

Get Trained for Training

Whether you are buying your first weapon or have years of experience, we offer customized coaching for all levels.

We at Civilian Defense Group (CDG) want to provide you with “Training for Training”. We want the student to be comfortable and confident when taking a training course from any of the excellent instructors who offer courses at whatever level you may seek.

For the more experienced shooter we can help with the little things that shooters can get hung up on and get them over the shooting hurdles we all have from time to time. When it comes to skills and technique, the beauty of the gun arts is that there is no ceiling. CDG's training will help you hone the basics, grow your skill sets and guide you in your continuing journey to improve your proficiency.    It is all about the basics.

"Yesterday's class was awesome. Nice to get back to the basics and learn new hand gun control. All the info you shared was great, very informative and easy to understand. I felt it was properly done so that safety was the top priority. Especially since I didn't know anyone. Your instructions made me feel comfortable around all the other shooters knowing they were understanding what you were talking about also and that you all were closely watching what we were doing. I didn't think it was possible but I feel much more confident with my hand gun after yesterday. Please thank everyone for the good time and training. Looking forward to more and more classes, take care!"

Joe T.

"First off-Thanks to you (and your wife) for a great event Saturday... Millie and I will look forward to another in the near future. Just to note, before Saturday we had not been to the range for over 8 months... Neither of us had ever shot steel before, and neither had never raced another shooter... We look forward to learning and improving in the future classes..."

Fred and Millie.